Smart Tag

Monetize with Push subscriptions

Add Smart Tag to your website

Register, create a Smart Tag tag and add it to your website.

Users subscribe to receive Push Notifications

Smart Tag requests users’ permission to send Push Notifications.

Earn with Push subscriptions

Your profit grows with every new subscription

What can you
with Smart Tag?
  • Paid traffic: native ads, redirects, Clickunder, etc.
  • eMail blasts
  • Display ads
  • Social media traffic
  • Untargeted traffic
Combine it with your main monetization method
Perfect for untargeted traffic

How you get paid

Immediate income

CPS – cost per subscriber

You are paid only once as soon as a user subscribes to receive Push Notifications.

Long-term income

Revenue share

You are paid for each ad impression, i.e., each time an ad is shown to your subscriber.

Smart Tag Benefits

Estimate future profits

All the CPS rates can be found on your dashboard.

No surprises here – you get exactly what you’ve earned!

Review detailed statistics

Measure and track your performance:

  • the number of subscribers/unsubscribers
  • the quality of leads
  • the number of Push notifications sent

Monetize ALL your traffic

With Smart Tag, you can monetize ALL your traffic: any GEO, any device, any OS.

Analyze your traffic sources

Monitor conversions with S2S postback tracking – learn which traffic sources bring the most profit to your campaigns.