Delayed Push Notifications: What is It And When Do You Need Them?

ProPush workflow is very straightforward: you install our Smart Tag to your landing page or website, and your visitors receive an opt-in request. If they subscribe to push notifications, they start seeing alerts immediately after.

However, our settings also allow you to send the first push notification after a certain time — not right away after a subscription. 

When is this setting necessary, and what does it change?

Delayed First Push: Use Case

Basically, ProPush was created for:

  • Publishers and website owners who want to monetize their website traffic
  • Affiliates and media buyers who create special landing pages for push collection and earning with ProPush
  • Affiliates and media buyers who decided to get extra monetization from their main offers

The last group is actually the one that needs delayed push notifications most of all — and actively tests and uses it on their landing pages.

While the first two groups can easily go with the following flow:


Our partners who care about the offers’ conversions often prefer this one, with the first push delayed:


Why is a Delayed Push Important?

When your main aim is to make your affiliate marketing offer convert, you want to keep your CR as high as possible. And ProPush allows you to do so: it almost never affects your offer, with only a slight CR decrease of 1%-2% sometimes.

Still, some affiliate marketers don’t want to see their CR falling down even this little. And to avoid it, we always suggest making a delay before your users see the first push. 

It usually works out: users have enough time to interact with your main offer and convert before the first push notification may distract them. 

Here is an example: one of our partners, an owner of the Utility app, wanted users to download his app first and also get some extra profit from push notifications. After he set ProPush Smart Tag, he noticed that the offer CR became about 3% lower than before.

The delayed first push fixed the issue: as a result, our partner got almost 2 mln conversions for his app and also earned more than 12k from ProPush.

Some affiliate marketers, however, work with a delayed first push from the very beginning. For example, this partner who set a delay immediately has never seen his CR falling down.

Here are his regular stats, if you were curious:


How to Set a Delayed First Push?

To set a delayed push notification, please, contact us at This setting is only available via a manager and is not in your dashboard. 

If you want to test a particular delay time, please, let us know — or we will give you recommendations depending on your case.

However, our tests show that the optimal delay time is one hour after subscription.

After you set your first push with a delay, you might see a decrease in your First Impression rates. However, it won’t significantly affect your overall earnings.

As you see, ProPush does its best to meet your needs, whatever goals you have. So, you don’t risk anything if you try it out!

Don’t miss profits you could have already earned — join ProPush today!

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