Push Monetization Tips

27% Higher ProPush Profits in Only 1 Month [Case Study]

Besides proving how ProPush is actually working, we are about to give you an insight into the whole process a client of ours went through in order to get such great results.

ProPush Makes 40% of Campaign Profit: A Whole New Flow of Income [Case Study]

Today we’re talking about a partner of ours, who was running successful campaigns but wanted to maximize his earnings using ProPush.

Back Button Now Available for Everyone: Monetize ALL Users Before They Leave 

Great news, everyone! The Back Button feature is now available for all ProPush users, which means that you can save more of your precious traffic with no effort. We know you have been waiting for this. 

How to Sort Traffic by Sources: What It Is and Why You Need It

There is no doubt that adding another traffic source to your list is exciting. Besides boosting monetization, this has the potential to greatly increase engagement and bring you more conversions.

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