Tracking for Publishers: The Key to Earning More with Push Notifications

Have you ever wondered how push notifications generate a lot of money for some publishers? For publishers who’ve gotten it right, push notifications can be an absolute goldmine for revenue generation. 

The secret?

Well, it’s more than just sending them out. It’s about knowing what happens after you send them. And that’s where tracking steps in. Using with Voluum is the secret to mastering an effective push notification strategy. Together, they’re the strongest tools in your marketing toolkit. 

Let’s unpack exactly why and Voluum are a perfect pair when it comes to tracking push notifications.

Reasons to try push notifications monetization with

Before we dive into the tracking peculiarities, let’s reassure that push notifications monetization with is something you really need to try:

  • It’s easy and fast: just set the tag on your landing page or website and that’s all! Users will start getting an opt-in request to subscribe for push notifications and you will start getting additional profit. 
  • Significant passive income: it will bring you up to 35% more of your offer payouts! 
  • Almost any traffic type is accepted: paid, pop, social, remnant, as well as your blog or website traffic can be monetized with

As you can see, it doesn’t take too much effort, but brings real results. 

Common push notification tracking challenges

Figuring out tracking can be a bit tricky for publishers. 

For example, offers postback on conversions being the leader when it comes to push notification performance. 

Postback provides an extensive tracking opportunity, however, you can expand it and add even more websites or track with Voluum. Voluum lets you pass your campaign ID as a source to and provides the full picture of how your campaigns are doing, including the money they're making.

How to start tracking?

To start tracking, you need an account at and Voluum. Once you have both, go to your Voluum account, open Campaigns tab, press Create button, and add as an affiliate network, like this:


To find, you just need to type the name into the search bar:


The role of click ID and source ID in tracking

Click ID and Source ID are the secret sauce in the tracking recipe. These bits of information make sure every click and conversion is attributed correctly, giving you a clear view of your campaign's performance. 

Imagine being able to trace every dollar back to the exact moment someone decided to subscribe. That's the power of these IDs.

Implementing effective postback strategies 

The Smart Tag is basically a way for to tell Voluum, "Hey, someone just subscribed!" And this automation is a game-changer. 

It takes the guesswork out of tracking new subscribers, making your life a lot easier. Luke Kling shares a tip: 

"When you create your Smart Tag, add your postback from your tracker" to automatically track new subscribers and pass crucial information to Voluum for even more detailed reporting.

Using Voluum's tracking with is about getting smart with your data and making every push notification count. The insights gained from Voluum can help you fine-tune your approach, targeting only the most profitable channels.

Maximize your earnings with and Voluum

It's clear as day: tracking is vital for effective marketing. Without it, you're basically shooting in the dark. and Voluum light the way, offering a clear path to maximizing your push notification revenue. Luke Kling sums it up nicely,

"You're basically getting free extra revenue on your landing pages... most of our members also see the best results with".

Ready to unlock the full potential of your push notifications? Dive into and Voluum and start tracking like a pro. Why We have some reasons to highlight:

  • Flexibility: works with worldwide traffic and any CPA offer
  • Transparency: includes tools to easily calculate your daily profit
  • Profitability: you can get more than $140 for 1000 subscriptions
  • No delays: get your weekly payments on time
  • Reliability: has been developed by PropellerAds advertising platform
  • Acknowledgement: we have more than 5000 happy ProPush customers

And if you're looking for a community that's all about boosting those numbers, check out Afflift. There, you'll find plenty of tips, tricks, and advice from people who've been in your shoes.


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