Tag and Traffic Types: How to Monetize Like a Pro?

Have you already heard about Smart Tag for additional monetization? To make the long story short, this Tag is your perfect chance to earn up to 35% more from push subscribers collected from your traffic.

That’s right, you just set it up on your landing page and get more profit to your campaign without interrupting the main conversion flow. Like, really, no effort and no issues, only simple profit dropping right into your pocket. 

To learn how to start earning additional income with Smart Tag, check this video guide out! 

And in this article, we hurry up to answer potential questions you may have about the Smart Tag: which traffic types are the best to choose? What are the recommendations to keep in mind? So, if you are a newcomer or just want to fill the gaps in your understanding of Smart Tag, be welcome to read this blog post! 

Everything you wanted to know about traffic types suitable for Smart Tag

We have prepared a pack of questions and answers about traffic types to work with, as well as some efficiency tips and limitations to remember. Generally, this is a small and simple guide you should follow to make your Smart Tag monetization go like clockwork. So… 

  • Which traffic types to consider?

Generally, almost all traffic types are suitable for Smart Tag monetization, so just rely on your own preferences. Our team recommends trying pop, redirect, social, remnant, and banner traffic — they really can do magic and bring you significant returns. 

According to our inner tests, the best options here are pop, redirect and social ones, while the only traffic type that is not very compatible with the Tag is email.

  • Which traffic types show the best results with extra monetization?

Pop traffic seems to be a real champion of additional monetization with Smart Tag. However, to boost your profit you can experiment with all those traffic types we recommended higher.

  • Are there any limitations regarding traffic types?

We don’t recommend you to send push traffic for push subscriptions unless you stick to RevShare pricing model. 

Also, please mind that our policy doesn’t allow any adult, bot, and proxy traffic. 

  • Any recommendations for beginners?

The main recommendation we have for beginners sounds like this: don’t be afraid to experiment with different traffic types. Test and see what works best for you, because chances are that a certain traffic type will be appropriate for your concrete campaign. 

  • Any recommendations for campaign scaling or traffic combinations?

If you combine different types of traffic in your campaign, we recommend sending them to different zones. This way you can estimate how different traffic types perform and which one brings you more profit. 

Add sourceid  to the corresponding field in the dashboard to start passing the information about your traffic sources to us: 


The JS code would be also changed the same way:


Also, we suggest that you should split your traffic regarding sources. Again, this will help you keep everything in order and have a clear idea of what performs better. 

With ProPush, you don't need any third-party tracking software to see what is going on with your traffic sources. All the information is available in your dashboard. 


So, now you know which traffic types are the best to make additional profit with Smart Tag from We recommend trying different types of traffic, including win-win options like pop, social, redirect, banner, and remnant. But don’t restrict yourself to these recommendations and feel free to explore new options!

Good luck and may your income grow with Smart Tag

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