& Giveaways: Winning Combo With $440 Profits in Less Than a Month [Case Study]

One of the main advantages of lies in the fact that advertisers can use these earnings to cover expenses for testing. Here's a case study that showcases exactly that.

The most epic affiliate contest has come to an end, the winners have been picked and congratulated with some outstanding prizes, and now it is time for us to take a closer look at unique success stories our participants shared along the way.

This year’s Follow-Along contest, the result of joint efforts of PropellerAds and the affLIFT forum, had a special prize pool intended for competitors who were looking for some extra monetization via our very own tag.

The competition was fierce and, above all, super exciting. Behind the very first case study we are about to present stands an affiliate who knew exactly what his goals were at the time and who decided to take a brave step into the unknown. And to say that it paid off would be an understatement.

Campaign details and how it all started

  • Traffic Source: PropellerAds
  • Tracking Tool: Clickflare
  • Type of Offer: Surveys / Sweepstake
  • Affiliate Networks: Zeydoo
  • Additional Monetization:

Motivated with promising bonuses, and willing to take a bit different approach to running an ad campaign, this contest participant decided to engage with survey offers provided by Zeydoo, in a new GEO but with a proven lander.

So he launched a PropellerAds campaign on Pop traffic, expecting to earn at least $50 per day. This was the beginning of September 2023. By the end of the month, he managed to pull $300 a day + to get some extra earnings from ProPush. Here’s how →


He started by testing many different offers. The plan was to continue with Survey offers, but also to launch some SOI Sweeps campaigns. Even though most of them did not show any signs of success, within the next 10 days, two campaigns began to stand out.

“We were inching towards profitability with each passing day as the CPA algorithm optimized the campaigns. In the meanwhile, revenue grew constantly.”

*The quote refers to PropellerAds campaigns.


Note: As you already assumed, he incorporated the Smart tag on his landing pages right away. There was no reason to wait on getting additional monetization can provide. 


This is not the exact lander that was used in the case, but an example showcasing how Smart tag works: when users subscribe to receive push notifications, it will bring additional income to your main offer.


The affiliate was restless. He continued to test new campaigns throughout the month, but most of his efforts backfired as the majority of campaigns were hitting the -60% to -80% ROI range.

However, the two PropellerAds campaigns we already mentioned continued to bring more and more profits. 

“We almost broke even with Campaign #1 and actually made a decent chunk with Campaign #2.

The best part is – his earnings were on a rising path mostly thanks to the additional revenue generated by ? 

Based on smart tag the contest participant incorporated on landing pages he used in his ad campaign #1, he got $61 of profits (so far), while the tag he placed on landings in his ad campaign #2 was an even bigger success, and brought him $240.


This was the day our affiliate was waiting for (September 22). He launched a brand new campaign and hit the $100+ profit the same day. ProPush contributed to overall profit with $21.

The very next day was an even bigger success. He scored $150, where ProPush contributed with $18.

Profit, $CR, %


Even when the client found himself in a situation where his funds were dried out, and he was not able to continue with campaigns (during this specific time), he still managed to generate some money through that kept bringing a few dollars each day.



At the end of the month, on September 29, this Follow-Along participant scored $191 from the ad campaign, while the next day numbers went up and surpassed $300.

So, from hoping to earn only $50 a day, he succeeded and reached 6 times higher profits. Impressive turnover, don’t you think? 


To sum up earnings: Overall $440 in less than a month

Dollar by dollar, and when the line was drawn brought this client $440 in total (from September 4 till October 3). You have to admit that it didn’t seem striking getting only $17 a day. Or even less. BUT when you cumulate all these daily earnings, and add the fact that this is a passive income that didn’t ask for any optimization or additional investment, you become aware that you got this profit in the easiest way you can imagine.

Also, one of the main advantages of lies in the fact that advertisers can use these earnings to cover expenses for testing. It’s sort of a safety pillow, so marketers can be at ease when launching tests, and when experimenting and searching for their perfect campaign strategy.

How does a road full of throes lead to success?

This affiliate had so many ups and downs along the way. There was a great amount of testing that required patience, skills, and time, numerous changes of GEOs and landing pages. Plus all those campaign adjustments. And at times, he did think about throwing the gloves and giving up. Yet again, he was determined to keep on going and see what tomorrow brings.

More than once he was left with no funds, which is why he had to wait a few days to continue with his campaigns. Some of them were failures, but then again, some were an instant success, like when he launched a new campaign on the 22nd and got a $100 profit the same day. 

This is what stimulated him to keep trying, and finally he made it. 

Final Thoughts is not only about making additional profits, but having a helping hand when you need it the most. At one point during Follow-Along our client was in a situation where he was -$80 with his original campaign. He was testing a new GEO and things didn’t go as he planned. So the earnings he got from helped him get to -9% ROI, instead of staying at -15%, which, as he says, was “pretty sweet”.

In the end, this guy is right where we left him - he continues with testing new offers every day, there’s no stopping now. And remains his safety button he can always count on.


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