27% Higher ProPush Profits in Only 1 Month [Case Study]

Besides proving how ProPush is actually working, we are about to give you an insight into the whole process a client of ours went through in order to get such great results.

This is a success story for sure. After all, the title is pretty much revealing.

But besides proving how ProPush is actually working, we are about to give you an insight into the whole process a client of ours went through in order to get such great results. Yes, ProPush is a super simple tool that does the magic on its own. All you have to do is insert the ProPush Smart tag on your landing page and let it do its thing.

But you also need to pick the right offers, develop suitable landing pages, launch campaigns, optimize them on the go, etc. The thing is, every decision you make counts, and what can be super helpful is to do the research, engage with testing and see how it goes, just like our partner did. 

Read on to learn how.

Basic campaign info

  • Traffic Source: PropellerAds, Rollerads, Advertizer, Mondiad
  • Tracking Tool: Bemob
  • Affiliate Network: GoldenGoose + Mobidea + Traffic Company + Monetizer 
  • Extra monetization: ProPush with Back Button feature
  • Type of Offers: Mobile content (mVas, 1-click flow, 2-click flow)
  • Offer Payout: $0,1 - $3
  • GEOs: Tier-2 and Tier-3

As you can see, our client was focused on very specific types of offers, all tied to the usage of mobile devices.

If you are not familiar with these terms, let us explain:

  • With mVas (Mobile Value Added Services) offers you will be paid for every mobile subscription user makes, or a product user pays for (it can be anything, from antivirus to a new ringtone)
  • 1-click flow offers imply users can get subscribed and billed only with one click on a confirmation button
  • 2-click flow offer is a similar thing, with the only difference being additional confirmation click before the users get subscribed

So the client went with all these offers and focused on Tier-2 and Tier-3 GEOs.

As for the ad format and traffic type used in campaigns, the decision was to go with Push notifications primarily, and with Direct Click (which is a type of Popunder ads) afterwards.

How it all started

The client’s idea was to add a ProPush script to his landing page to see how much extra profit he would get from running campaigns. Plus, he decided to rely on the Back Button script as well.

  • ProPush Smart tag allows the landing page to automatically send subscription requests via Push notifications 
  • Back Button script makes sure you monetize ALL users, even those who are leaving the site by pressing the back button; with this feature, when leaving the site, they will be redirected to another offer 

But the very first thing the client focused on were spy tools. He wanted to see what are the most used landing pages in Tier-3 countries, just to get an idea. 

Note: Spy tools are databases of creatives used in different GEOs, verticals, at different traffic sources and ad formats.

What he noticed is that many people are exploiting landing pages that revolve around the concept of winning gifts. A lot of phones, money, sweepstake motives. 


So he created three pages - two with spinning wheels and one with a gift box motif, and placed adequate text. He also made sure they didn’t contain any hidden code that might cause him to be blocked by Google or send his traffic to other links.

At this point, landing pages were ready.

Next steps: Campaign strategy

Our partner took some offers that appeared to be the best ones for Tier-3 countries. In addition to that, he asked the Account manager to provide suggestions on suitable offers for those countries. 

Then he launched several Push campaigns for each offer, with an emphasis on creating separate campaigns for WiFi and mobile carriers.

All the campaigns were tested first on the PropellerAds platform, with the CPA Goal bidding model in place. The client always wanted to start with a Push ad format, and later on, when he establishes which campaign converts well, he would add Direct Click as well.

Key to success: Optimization and testing

The client’s practice was this: after testing an offer five times, he would pause the campaign if it’s not converting as he expected. The idea was to maintain the budget for testing more offers and avoid losing too much money on testing the ones that obviously don’t work well. The client sees it this way:

“In the end, you need to get campaigns with good ROI, and with mVas it’s all about adding more offers every day since they don’t last for long. It’s better not to waste too much budget on them.”

He never stopped optimizing campaigns. He would remove targeting settings that don’t convert, like source IDs, device versions, carriers, landing, creatives, etc.

“Finally, through testing, I discovered that one landing page was the top converting one. So I focused on it,”

explained our client.

The following steps include him creating a copy of the converting landing page for each country and keep testing more and more every day. 

The results: Up to $170 a day

To prove how successful this campaign was, here are the results that cover the majority of April, 8-28 to be more precise.

Number of visitsNumber of clicksNumber of conversions

As you can see, in only 21 days, our client made a profit of $3.700 without any effort, thanks to the ProPush Smart tag. The maximum daily extra income was $170, while the lowest one was $75.

After the end of April, client’s profits increased by 26,64% thanks to ProPush. And that’s a result for one month only.

To sum up

Results like these are rarely what our clients expect to happen when we start collaborating for the first time.

That’s why their surprise and thrill are additionally accentuated. But ProPush can truly bring a significant extra monetization you can later on use to cover some of your campaign expenses. 

In this case the client achieved 27% larger profit in 30 days.

And yes, the ProPush Smart tag is simple, and it doesn’t require optimization per se, but all the steps you are taking in your campaign could affect its performance - like the ad format you are choosing to use, or your creatives.

That’s why it is super important to remain engaged, from very beginning to the very end, base your decisions on test results, and make sure to know campaign settings can be transformed and adjusted anytime.

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