ProPush Makes 40% of Campaign Profit: A Whole New Flow of Income [Case Study]

Today we’re talking about a partner of ours, who was running successful campaigns but wanted to maximize his earnings using ProPush.

ProPush offered a consistent revenue stream during the usual highs and lows of marketing, namely - additional monetization has covered a significant part of the budget spent for traffic. 


Our partner ran a Giveaway campaign, an offer taken from affiliate network Monetizer. Also, he tried new ones in parallel to see how they would perform. The traffic source was PropellerAds, with ProPush as a source of additional monetization, plus - Bemob as a tracking tool. Our partner was aiming for more earnings with the offer paying less than a dollar, primarily in Tier-2 and Tier-3 GEOs. The traffic type used was Popunder.

We asked our partner why did he decide to use ProPush (not another service for additional monetization) and here is what he said:

“I wanted to increase my earnings. Testing new offers is expensive, so with ProPush I won't lose my testing budget entirely. ProPush is really efficient in this.”


  • Traffic Source: PropellerAds + ProPush for additional monetization 
  • Tracking Tool: Bemob
  • Affiliate Network: Monetizer
  • Type of Offer: Giveaway + Mobile Content
  • Offer Payout: < $ 1
  • GEOs: Tier-2 and Tier-3
  • Goal: To see how ProPush can improve his earning
  • Traffic: Popunder

The Challenge

Our partner had a successful campaign running but faced a common issue – at a certain point, offers would start to lose steam, and revenue would taper off. 

During these periods, he wanted a solution that would keep the revenue flow steady, even when testing new offers. He had some doubts about using ProPush – for example, he worried that integrating ProPush would negatively affect landing CTR and ROI. To overcome this, our partner decided to conduct a controlled test, duplicating the landing page and testing both simultaneously.

Rolling Out the Campaign

Day 1


Contrary to his concern, our partner found that the ProPush Tag didn't significantly affect the user behavior. The CTR and ROI on the landing page with ProPush remained robust, what is more, ProPush showed promising numbers right from the first day. The first day's stats showed a profit of $1.979 with a 17.41% CR, reflecting a great start.

Day 2

The stats on the second day showed that there was no negative effect on CR and ROI, in fact, his ROI continued to look quite stable.


Day 3

By this stage, our partner noticed that the results weren't as promising because of the countries he was targeting.


Nevertheless, ProPush was found to be an excellent way to improve earnings and cover testing budget. The seven-day stats showed a profit increase, further confirming the benefits of integrating ProPush.


Campaign Optimization 

Day 4

30 days into the campaign, our partner was elated with the results. The ProPush stats showed steady increases in profit, and even though the ROI and CTR were slightly affected, the overall profit margin was significantly increased.


A month's worth of data showed impressive profits. The PropellerAds campaign brought $791,03, while ProPush made $308.21 — almost 40% of the сampaign profit, with CR % averaged around 13.37. The stats clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of ProPush in achieving additional monetization.

In our partner's words:

"Will I recommend people to use ProPush? Yes, it didn't affect my CTR as I anticipated, and my ROI wasn't bad at all. I’ll keep testing and adding more GEOs and eventually use push on all my landings."

Final Thoughts: Embracing the ProPush Advantage

Our little journey through this case study has shown that ProPush isn't just a good addition for affiliates and webmasters, but a genuine game-changer. While there were some doubts at first, ProPush and landing page performance actually get along quite well.

Here's the real kicker, though. Not only did ProPush switch things up, it actually created a whole new stream of income for our partner. How cool is that?

Let's not mince words: ProPush has proven itself to be more than worthy of its spot in any affiliate marketer's toolkit. It helps to keep the revenue coming in, it gives your earnings a boost, and it makes sure everything keeps running smoothly without interrupting your current offer flow. In the fast-paced, ever-changing world of affiliate marketing, having a tool like ProPush is like having an ace up your sleeve. Give it a try!


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