Mobile Offers + a $100 Daily Profit With Minimum Effort [Case Study]

Have you heard of our Follow Along Contest we created together with our friends Afflift? It was a great experience: our fellow affiliates and publishers posted exciting insights on their monetization efforts at the Afflift forum to share the $10,000 prize pool! As a result, we got five winners — and dozens of exciting case studies you are welcome to read at the forum or on our blog.

Today, we want to tell you about one of the Afflift contest winners — Sadikh. He took second place for sharing how he managed to boost his campaigns without much effort just using Smart Tag. Excited? Here we go!

Before we start: if you want to thank Sadikh for this great follow-along, you can join ProPush using his referral link.

About the Campaign

Sadikh chose the PropellerAds ad network as a traffic source and decided to find suitable offers in Zeydoo. At first, he opted for a Fin Survey offer for mobile devices, but then added mobile game offers, too. Here is the overall info of his campaigns:

  • Traffic Source: PropellerAds
  • Tracking Tool: Bemob
  • Affiliate Network: Zeydoo
  • Type of Offer: Fin Survey, Mobile Games with Free Trial
  • Offer Payout: $0.01 - $4
  • Dates: 17/05-20/06/2022
  • GEOs: KE, GH, AO, NG, ZM, and more

Sadikh’s goal was to reach a stable profit of $100 per day by any means —  including extra lazy monetization with ProPush. 

So, he created a landing page and added the ProPush Smart Tag to collect subscribers and run an affiliate campaign at the same time. Besides, he used a BackButton script for his landing page, so a user clicking on the browser back button would be redirected to another offer.

Campaign Settings

Now it was time to create a campaign at PropellerAds. Sadikh chose both PropellerAds traffic options: direct and brokers traffic, and here is what the other settings looked like:


Speaking about the traffic type, it was Pop Traffic — one of the best working traffic types for extra monetization with 

Campaign Flow: Part 1

The first results from the Fin Survey campaign with PropellerAds brought the overall ROI of -16% — not bad for a campaign without any optimization. Here are the stats for the first day of the campaign:


For now, Sadikh has lost $30 but let’s see if has managed to compensate for it — at least a bit?

Here are the first results of extra monetization with the Smart Tag: it brought $24 within just a single day. 


Now the losses from the main offer seemed not so disappointing anymore: only -$6.

Campaign Flow: Part 2

Two days later, Sadikh found a large volume drop for his main offer. What is important, it had nothing to do with his Smart Tag from ProPush: here is the explanation from the network.


To make things up, Sadikh decided to optimize his campaign. He сreated campaign duplicates to target the most converting carriers and excluded the less profitable GEOs. Now he only had 9 GEOs left — with the original payout for each. 

Here are the results of this move (the screenshot from the Bemob tracker):


The ROI became significantly better, especially for particular GEOs. And what about ProPush?

It kept bringing stable daily profit without affecting the main offer CR:


Sadikh went on optimizing this campaign: removed some of the OS versions, particular browsers, and carriers, and created whitelists for the zones with ROI higher than -20%. In the end, the campaign began bringing about $10-$15 per day (not counting extra income from ProPush).

New Campaign

Apparently, the chosen Fin Survey campaign was not really profitable. Although did its job and kept bringing a pretty stable daily income, Sadikh wanted the main offer to convert, too. So he went to the CPA network again to search for more offers. 

This time he opted for mobile games with free trials. He set a CPA goal of $0,5 and created several campaigns with the TH GEO:


He used two landing page variants, with Smart Tag on both. The first results after testing (27/05-01/06) showed the following — we highlighted the profits:


Such a loss right after testing new campaigns is pretty normal, but might still be disappointing. Thanks to, this loss was fully covered:


What was even more exciting, Sadikh decided to test several new offers a bit later — and these tests brought him $50 per day from without any extra effort:


Final Results

Sadikh shared his overall results for the last 20 days of his $100/day challenge: from 01/06 until 20/06. Here is a screenshot from Bemob:


So, the initial goal was a $100 per day income. The stats above imply he had only $64/day. Before claiming the experiment was a failure, let’s check out ProPush stats first:


Yeah, that’s exactly what you see — an extra $45 per day — and the overall daily profit of $109 in the end! See how can support you, even if your main offer is not doing its best? 

And no, doesn’t spoil your offer’s CR: there might be no more than a 1%-2% CR drop. It’s almost always covered by your income from ProPush, though.

Hope you liked this follow-along — and look forward to seeing you at, boosting the profits of your campaigns!

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