ProPush and a Possible Conversion Rate Drop: Is It a Problem and How to Fix It?

In rare cases, after installing the ProPush tag to an offer landing page, some of our partners might see a slight CR drop. It doesn’t go lower than 1-2% and is not usually an issue for our partners: the revenue they get from ProPush totally covers this little fall down.

But what if you don’t want to see your CR drop at all? And can this small CR drop become lower than the mentioned 1-2%?

Today, we will review all possible situations that may arise and give you all tried and tested solutions.

Why Might The CR of Your Offer Decrease?

So you installed a ProPush tag and found out that the CR of your main offer became a little lower. It might seem pretty obvious that it was the tag that made the CR drop a bit. However, it’s not always like that. 

Here are the most common reasons:

  1. Users start interacting with push notifications alongside the main offer, so their attention might be a bit distracted.

In this case, a slight CR drop is most likely related to ProPush — but don’t rush to consider it an issue and fix it. Usually, the profit from ProPush fully compensates for it, and, in the end, your campaigns become even more profitable than they would be without our Smart Tag.

If you see CR falling down more than 2%, please, contact our managers at Such a situation is very rare, so we will need to look through it in detail to find out the issue and solve it personally.

  1. You changed your landing page creative.

Sometimes, our partners decide to go with an alternative creative for working with ProPush, which becomes the reason for the CR drop. Try using various landing page options to see which one performs best — it often helps to beat the CR decrease totally.

Tip from to make sure your CR drops exactly because of ProPush Tag and no other reason, initiate a split test. Compare the results with and without ProPush on the same traffic, oS, GEOs, platforms, etc., to find out the patterns that show changes in CR.

  1. The landing page language doesn’t match the traffic.

Almost every experienced affiliate marketer has most likely come across this mistake: when a landing page is, say, in English, and users are coming from, suppose, Thailand. Multilanguage landing pages are a way out here — and if it is the reason why your CR dropped, fixing the language barrier can stop the issue immediately.

How to Stop Your CR From Falling

So you tried all the tips from the previous section — played around with creatives, checked the traffic and the landing page language — but your CR is still lower than before you set ProPush.

Now you have two options:

  • Don’t do anything. In many cases, ProPush brings significant profit that fully covers a slight drop in the CR — and your overall revenue becomes even bigger than it would have been with a higher CR but without ProPush.
  • Try a delayed first push. By default, the first notification appears immediately after a user subscribes to push notifications on your landing page. However, you can set a delay for this first push — and a user will have enough time to interact with your offer before they are distracted by a push notification.

To set a delayed first push, please, speak to your manager at We will find out the best delay time — usually, it is one hour after the subscription.

A Bonus: Fixing CR Drop Case Study

We once had a partner who sent traffic to his Utility app — and meanwhile generated extra revenue with ProPush. After the partner set a ProPush Tag to his Utility app landing page, he noticed his CR fell down a bit and became about 2% lower.

To help our partner, we set a delayed first push for him: now, the first push notification appeared an hour after a user subscribed. The CR bounced back — and was now only 1% lower, which was fully compensated by the revenues that ProPush brought in the end:


Overall, there is nothing too disastrous in a slight CR drop — and most of our partners don’t even notice it, thanks to the profits they earn with ProPush.

So, it’s obviously NOT the reason why you should refuse to try ProPush — and we are looking forward to seeing you with us!

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