Extra Monetization Success: The Story of Bob Zhang

As an affiliate, it’s essential to leverage every revenue-generation channel you have available, regardless of when you started.

This is exactly what Bob Zhang told himself less than a year ago when he ventured into the mysterious world of affiliate marketing. Today, he’s doing extremely well -- and even implements additional monetization strategies into his campaigns. 

In this article, we’ll share the curious case of Bob Zhang, explain how he established himself quickly as a media buyer, and go over the interview we conducted with him. 

About Bob

Before delving any further, let’s take a moment to learn more about Bob Zhang, right from the man himself:

Hi everyone! I’m Bob. The first B in my name stands for Body, and the second stands for Bed, so the name “Bob” actually means “Body on Bed”. I just love to sleep!  I've been in media buying for over half a year. That’s me, a Chinese Guy who wants to get money and freedom through affiliate marketing.

And there you have it! 

About Bob’s Campaigns

Now that we know a bit more about Bob, let’s take a closer look at his efforts. 

While now successful, Bob’s path was filled with challenges and obstacles. He tried a wide range of verticals, invested a huge amount of time, and even more money, then finally, he started getting results. 

He also avoided the newbie mindset — and decided that he’d try to save money and generate additional money like a pro. This is what gave him the idea of including additional monetization through ProPush notifications. 

So, let’s review what led him to ProPush.me in the first place, his experience, and advice he wants to share with fellow novice marketers. 

The Interview

We’ve covered the basics already, so in this section, we’ll share the answers that Bob provided to our questions about additional monetization methods. 

Let’s jump right in!

— Not every novice even considers extra monetization for their campaigns. How did this idea run into your head, and why did you decide to start using ProPush?

To be perfectly honest, I got the idea because I saw many people using ProPush. I found out about ProPush through AffLift, the affiliate marketing forum. There I also found a detailed tutorial on how to install ProPush on my lander step-by-step.

I figured that this guide was created by seasoned affiliate marketers, and I thought that ProPush might be their secret weapon for making money. And I don't want to be left behind!

Note from ProPush: We recommend extra monetization for all verticals and all traffic types. The only traffic type you should be careful with is push traffic, as it might not show the best performance.

— You are a quick learner, and this is a real pro-approach. But do you remember your first experience with ProPush?

Was I excited when I tried ProPush for the first time? Not at all — to be honest, I was actually a little disappointed. I first added the code for ProPush on a landing page for India. On the second day I saw only a $0.146 profit and wondered if I was wasting my time.

So, I wasn't paying attention to it, really. After a few days, I noticed that ProPush's profits were slowly increasing. And after that, I added the code to all my landers.

Note from ProPush: You don’t need to expect big profits from the very first day you set the ProPush tag. Especially when you are working with RevShare offers, it might be a long-term investment, but you’ll realize it’s worth it a bit later.

— It’s great that you are patient enough to wait a bit to see the real ProPush power. And in what cases did ProPush work best for you?

I’ve gotten the best results when I run popunder traffic in some GEOs of Tier-3 countries with offers where the payout is low. 

ProPush works better for me in these cases because the conversion rate is relatively high in these locations. Plus, you can also get a lot of traffic at a low price, which gives you room for experimenting.

Note from ProPush: It’s possible to test out different push prompts and texts to find the variable that produces the best results. 

— Have you faced any challenges or maybe even failures when using ProPush? Any tips to overcome them?

I am very satisfied with ProPush and have a very nice account manager (shout out to Kseniia!), so I’m very happy.  

I have not encountered any challenges or failures so far. 

Note from ProPush: We hope you won’t face any issues, too! However, if you have any obstacles, don’t hesitate to contact your account manager, a customer support representative — or read our detailed guide on the top popular monetization mistakes.

—What was your most successful case with ProPush?

In many months, ProPush brought me at least 50% of my earnings with CPA offers, sometimes even 100%. Some days my profit from ProPush exceeds the $50 mark, which is more than 20% of my ad spend.

This gives me the option to test more GEOs and offers without worrying about how much it will cost me.

Note from ProPush: Setting up split tests from the get-go is a great practice that can help you find the most profitable variations. 

— What would you suggest to the other ProPush users?

The one thing I will say is that I like treating my ProPush revenue as unemployment insurance. You may not notice it’s there in the months with higher revenue. 

But, if your profits start going down or you start losing money, it can make a huge difference. It can help you turn potential losses into profits, making it easier for you to do more tests.

— Ready to forge your own success story?

Bob is just one of the many publishers that have found success through ProPush. Stay tuned to learn about other success stories or start forging your own path and monetize your traffic in just a few steps. 


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