Push Monetization Tips

Top Verticals to Monetize with Push Subscriptions: Stats and Tips

We keep saying: ProPush is an easy and efficient extra monetization solution for your marketing campaigns. But are there some offer types that make a better match with ProPush Smart Tag than the others?

ProPush TrafficBack as a Powerful Feature for Media Buyers

Recently, we have been mainly speaking about ProPush as an extra monetization method for affiliate marketers. However, it’s not the only way how you can profit from it!

CPS or Revshare: What to Choose?

Which topic is the hottest for affiliates? Payments, of course! And we believe that you are definitely wondering how the money questions are settled at ProPush. 

A 16,47% Traffic Cashback From ProPush as a Painkiller for Affiliate Marketer [Case Study]

‘Affiliate media buyers have most of their campaigns failed. To find the ‘winner’ that will make your yearly profit, you will have to keep testing, gathering data — and losing money. It might be super demotivating to run a bunch of campaigns where you only spend budget — some even start thinking that affiliate marketing doesn’t work!’

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