Push Monetization Tips

How Can ProPush Save Your Money? [Case Study]

ProPush is a sure way to save your money and get back at least a part of your testing budget. If you are following our blog, you might have already read numerous successful case studies from our partners. But this one is special! 

Delayed Push Notifications: What is It And When Do You Need Them?

ProPush workflow is very straightforward: you install our Smart Tag to your landing page or website, and your visitors receive an opt-in request. If they subscribe to push notifications, they start seeing alerts immediately after.

Website Verification at ProPush: Unobvious Pitfalls

It takes only a couple of simple steps to start working with ProPush. One of them is your website verification.

Social Traffic + Push Subscriptions: Does It Work?

Can you use ProPush to monetize social media traffic? Does it really work? And how? Well, today, we are going to discuss this hot question and see if you can enrich your social media ad campaigns with ProPush. 

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