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How a Utility App Owner Made $12 416 with ProPush [Case Study] 

Today, we are excited to share one more successful case from our customer — a mobile utility app owner. It was the first time he decided to try ProPush monetization — and it paid off! The best thing about this experience is how a minor setting changed the whole deal: this case study is a […]

Monetizing Traffic with Push Subscriptions: What Can Go Wrong?

ProPush.me can be a great tool for both stand-alone work and extra monetization of traffic. However, it might be a bit tricky to find your way around — especially if you are a rookie publisher or affiliate marketer. We spoke to our customer support agents and revealed the most common issues clients usually face with […]

ProPush.me Tag and Traffic Types: How to Monetize Like a Pro?

Have you already heard about ProPush.me Smart Tag for additional monetization? To make the long story short, this Tag is your perfect chance to earn up to 35% more from push subscribers collected from your traffic.

Five Scenarios of TrafficBack Monetization: How to Make Up to 20% of Additional Income?

So, whether you are an experienced or a beginning advertiser working with Push subscriptions, there is always a risk that your visitors may simply ignore or close a subscription window. But imagine that you get income from all of your visitors, even those who didn’t subscribe to push notifications. How large would your wallet grow - for 15%, 20%, or even more?

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