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Monetizing Traffic with Push Subscriptions: What Can Go Wrong?

ProPush.me can be a great tool for both stand-alone work and extra monetization of traffic. However, it might be a bit tricky to find your way around — especially if you are a rookie publisher or affiliate marketer. We spoke to our customer support agents and revealed the most common issues clients usually face with […]

ProPush.me Tag and Traffic Types: How to Monetize Like a Pro?

Have you already heard about ProPush.me Smart Tag for additional monetization? To make the long story short, this Tag is your perfect chance to earn up to 35% more from push subscribers collected from your traffic.

Five Scenarios of TrafficBack Monetization: How to Make Up to 20% of Additional Income?

So, whether you are an experienced or a beginning advertiser working with Push subscriptions, there is always a risk that your visitors may simply ignore or close a subscription window. But imagine that you get income from all of your visitors, even those who didn’t subscribe to push notifications. How large would your wallet grow - for 15%, 20%, or even more?

11 Burning Questions About Propush

We finally decided to put together the top of the most popular questions about Propush for users of our platform. Below you will find useful tips on how to make the work with Propush easier.

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