Unsupported Callback: How to Profit From ProPush Without Push Notifications

So you set a ProPush tag and are ready to collect and monetize subscribers. Of course, you are ready to admit that not everyone who comes across your landing page will subscribe. But did you know that you also need to accept the fact that not everyone will… even see your subscription request?

Yes, this is how some browsers, devices, and their settings work: they don’t allow push notifications by design. Besides, some technical issues or outdated browser versions can also create a problem. 

While you can’t make all your target audience update their systems and purchase modern devices, you can still profit from those who didn’t see your opt-in prompt.

How is it possible? With the new Unsupported Callback feature.

What is Unsupported Callback?

Unsupported callback is the new option we offer for TrafficBack. Wait, what is TrafficBack?

TrafficBack is a link that redirects a user to a relevant offer after they do some particular action: deny or allow push notifications, press a browser back button, swipe away a subscription window, etc. You can set particular events that will trigger TrafficBack in your ProPush self-service platform.

Unsupported Callback is one of the TrafficBack events — and it redirects a user to the most relevant offer if this user didn’t receive a subscription request at all.

What are the Cases of Unsupported Callback?

There are three possible scenarios when a user can’t receive a push opt-in request and, of course, push notifications themselves due to technical reasons. 

  • A user has an old browser version that doesn’t support API, which is necessary for the correct work of notifications.
  • A browser/operation system/a user themselves bans push notifications or access to a service worker. One example of this is Google’s ‘silent mode’: it stops showing notification requests in the Chrome browser if a user regularly declines them.
  • There was a mistake with a ProPush service worker installation. 

When Should I Use Unsupported Callback?

In a nutshell, Unsupported Callback is your safety bag: whenever you come across a user who can’t receive push notifications, you get a second chance to monetize them. 

Besides, it can mitigate your mistakes. For example, you forgot to exclude older browser versions from your targeting or set a service worker incorrectly. No worries, you may still get some profit with Unsupported Callback before you find and fix your mistake.

This feature is extremely handy for our partners who focus on push collection and creates special landing pages for ProPush — with no affiliate offers to run alongside. However, we don’t recommend Unsupported Callback for those seeking extra monetization of their offers. 

Why is it so? Let’s compare several situations to get an idea.

Option 1. You have a landing page with some affiliate offer. You want to boost your profits and add a ProPush tag. However, you need to target Firefox users, and you can’t exclude them from this campaign. These users won’t receive your push notifications request as Firefox doesn’t show it — but nothing prevents them from interacting with your main offer. 

Conclusion: Without an Unsupported Callback, your main offer flow remains unchanged.

Option 2. You have the same landing page, the same offer, and a ProPush tag — everything is the same as in Option 1, but you also added an Unsupported Callback. You again need to target some browsers that don’t support push — and as soon as a user visits your landing page, they are instantly redirected to another offer. A rhetorical question: will it be good for your main offer’s conversions?

Conclusion: Unsupported Callback is not recommended in this case.

Option 3. You created a special landing page for earning with push subscriptions — without any extra offers on it. You added a ProPush tag and an Unsupported Callback. Your aim is to collect subscribers and then get revenue from them. So if a user doesn’t see your push notifications request, everything you spent to lead them to your page goes to waste. 

Conclusion: Unsupported Callback perfectly suits you in this case.

To sum up: Unsupported Callback is a must-have setting for those who only want to collect subscribers and monetize them with push notifications. Still, be careful with it when your main goal is to make your affiliate offer convert.

Unsupported Callback In Action: Case Study

You may ask: how much money can I earn or save with an Unsupported Callback? 

The precise amount depends on various factors, like how users interact with an offer they are redirected to, targeting, and your overall traffic quality. 

Let’s just look at one case study that shows how much of your traffic might go to waste without Unsupported Callback — and you will make your own conclusions.

Our partner created a special landing page for collecting push subscriptions, added a ProPush tag there, and set all the TrafficBack events, including Unsupported Callback. So, he enabled the following TrafficBack scenarios that redirected a user to another offer:

  • a user subscribed to push notifications
  • a user denied push notifications
  • a user closed a push notifications opt-in prompt
  • a user was already subscribed
  • a user’s device didn’t support push (Unsupported Callback)

In a couple of days, our partner gained 400250 impressions of his landing page and 4635 subscribers who started receiving notifications and thus bringing profit.

What happened to those who didn’t subscribe?

Here are stats sorted by users actions:

ZoneImpressionsPercentage of all impressions
Subscribed users64,92%
Unsupported Callback58501,46%
Other TrafficBack options13456533,62%

What do we see in this table? 

Most users subscribed to push notifications — and interact with them regularly (this is why we can’t indicate a precise number of impressions for them). 

Almost half of the users were redirected to relevant offers thanks to different TrafficBack options — and these offers gained 134565 impressions.

Finally, Unsupported Callback helped save 1,46% of the whole traffic. In our case, offers from Unsupported Callback gained an overall 5850 impressions — and this can be quite an amount of money depending on the further conversions!

How Can I Set an Unsupported Callback?

Just like any TrafficBack event — on the main page of your ProPush account:

  • Choose a verified site in your account and go to the settings of the required tag.
  • Activate the TrafficBack option. In its settings, tick the Unsupported box (see the screenshot), then choose the required zone.

To Sum Up

Mixed with the other TrafficBack events, Unsupported Callback gives you a chance to profit from every single user visiting your page. Already tried and tested it, and it’s waiting for you at ProPush!

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