How to Sort Traffic by Sources: What It Is and Why You Need It

There is no doubt that adding another traffic source to your list is exciting. Besides boosting monetization, this has the potential to greatly increase engagement and bring you more conversions.

However, it’s always a good idea to stay on the safe side and check the performance of your traffic to ensure you’re getting the best results. It works both for your existing and new sources — so it makes sense to take care of both.

But how can you do it?

This is exactly what this article is all about. And, there’s no better team to put together a traffic source optimization guide than ProPush experts. 

Let’s go over the steps you need to follow to optimize your traffic sources and get the most from them. 

Why Do You Need to Track Traffic Sources?

It’s important to track and categorize traffic sources because it can help boost your extra monetization efforts. How exactly?

When you use ProPush, the advanced algorithms evaluate a wide range of factors to ensure the best possible outcome. These algorithms work much better if they can analyze separate zones and optimize each instead of all traffic sources at once.

When you categorize traffic sources, ProPush analyzes every zone in your source and selects optimal ad feeds for each one. This way, your subscribers receive the most relevant push notifications — and are more likely to click and convert. As a result, you will enjoy bigger conversion rates and profits from your extra monetization efforts. 

Overall, a zone is a set of different sources, grouped according to their quality. ProPush system is based on quality metrics of every zone, so a zone with the best traffic quality will receive the most profitable ad feed. 

When Do You Need to Track Traffic Sources?

It’s essential to track your traffic sources in three scenarios. 

  • You added a new traffic source, but you’re not certain that all the traffic from it fully meets your quality criteria. For example, it might happen when you work with a single trusted ad platform, take particular traffic sources from it, and decide to add a new one. You don’t know for sure if this source is good enough, or started working with it and saw some doubtful stats that keep you a bit unsure. 
  • You added a new landing page and want to separate several traffic sources for it — for the reasons we just mentioned above
  • You want to test extra monetization features like TrafficBack. There are several TrafficBack events you can choose from at ProPush. If you create separate zones for each event, the one with the best traffic quality will receive the most relevant ad feed.

How to Track Traffic Sources

Whenever you add a new landing page to ProPush, you can attach tags to it. Every tag belongs to a specific traffic zone, in other words, a specific placement on your site. You can choose any zone for your tag.

To add a tag, enter the My Sites tab at your ProPush account, then choose your landing page, and press the Create Smart Tag button. It will create a tag with a zone number inside.

This is how it will look:


Now, using tags, you can separate traffic sources by zones. You can do it directly through your ProPush account using the SourceID parameter. 

Here are step-by-step instructions. 

1. Note the Source ID of your tag in your account:  


2. Then, go to your dashboard and find the corresponding field. Toggle the “Set up Postback to track subscription” setting to on. 


3. Input the SourceID in the right field:


4. Verify the JavaScript tag has been changed accordingly:


5. Finally, review your statistics on your dashboard — this is how it will look when you separate your sources by zones. Now, your traffic sources are organized and sorted out, giving you an opportunity to track each separately:


Ready to Make the Most Out of Your New Traffic Sources?

ProPush is a great resource if you want to boost your monetization efforts without adding a huge amount of work to your daily routine. 

Get in touch with the ProPush team if you want to learn more or test out our platform to see your revenue grow today!


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