Push Monetization Tips

Extra Monetization Success: The Story of Bob Zhang

As an affiliate, it’s essential to leverage every revenue-generation channel you have available, regardless of when you started.

Unsupported Callback: How to Profit From ProPush Without Push Notifications

So you set a ProPush tag and are ready to collect and monetize subscribers. Of course, you are ready to admit that not everyone who comes across your landing page will subscribe. But did you know that you also need to accept the fact that not everyone will… even see your subscription request?

How to Make a Non-Profitable Bundle Work?

A successful bundle is a sure way to profit. Whenever you find yours, you will definitely stick to it and continue monetizing your offer in the best possible way. 

ProPush and a Possible Conversion Rate Drop: Is It a Problem and How to Fix It?

In rare cases, after installing the ProPush tag to an offer landing page, some of our partners might see a slight CR drop. It doesn’t go lower than 1-2% and is not usually an issue for our partners: the revenue they get from ProPush totally covers this little fall down.

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