iGaming Creatives: +$130 Daily [Guide + Case]

iGaming is known as one of the most competitive verticals. That’s why if you’re monetizing iGaming traffic with push subscriptions, the way to success may be tricky.

From the experience of ProPush.me partner (publisher) who monetizes iGaming traffic, smartly-tailored creatives can be game-changing for this tough niche.

Today, we want to show you how smartly-designed iGaming creatives help in monetizing more traffic with push subscriptions. We base our research on the publisher's success story as well as the stats we've collected from other well-performing pre-landers.

Background: our publisher and his stats

So, as we said, one of our publishers works with the iGaming vertical and does a pretty good job with that. To add some background, we would like to briefly describe his case:

  • GEOs: AU, NZ, CA
  • ProPush.me daily profit: $130 from Push notifications

This means that our partner gets about $4 000 per month from ProPush.me only.

And here are some of his general statistics by weeks (period: 03/04/2023 - 14/05/2023):

DatePre-requestsSubscriptionsProPush.me Profit
Week 1193 5346 339$2 222
Week 2313 5846 094$2 021
Week 3144 3624 317$1 855
Week 4582 9916 498$1 808
Week 594 5354 351$1 456
Week 6156 7664 488$1 220

The difference in profit during the first and sixth week can be explained easily - this happened because our partner has changed his approach to GEOs, which you will see below. His main GEOs were CA and AU, he received a significant amount of subscriptions during the first period, which turned into growing profit during the second period. And this happened around all the GEOs.

Here is how it is reflected in the statistics. 

The first weeks:

GEOPre-requestsSubscriptionsProPush.me Profit
AU47 3352 222$1 047
CA58 5081 708$861
NZ15 337523$474

The last weeks:

GEOPre-requestsSubscriptionsProPush.me Profit
AU45 0852 721$1 893
CA47 4562 463$1 453
NZ10 128576$774

By the example of AU, our partner first had 2222 subscriptions and his profit was $1 047, while at the end he had 2 721 subscriptions with $1 893 profit. 

Why did this happen? The profit started growing because our partner received money from the previous subscriptions. 

Globally, push conversions heavily depend on the landing page and creatives on your landing page. Our publisher did a great job tailoring appealing creatives and therefore - succeeded. So let’s take a look at his witty ideas, review them, and see how you can use those insights to your advantage. 

What works for iGaming offers via examples 

So our publisher worked with Gaming-themed push-collecting offers, using the ProPush.me tag. Here are his strategies.

Success stories

For your better understanding, we present an example of a pre-lander with a push subscription tag, where an opt-in window appears. 


Why is that efficient?

What do we see here? So, basically, this is a content-centered media-themed webpage, where one can see a photo of a previous winner, plus - his success story to get inspired. 

In the iGaming vertical, success stories add reliability and social proof. Indeed, people easily identify themselves with others, especially when they see two important traits in those others - “he is just like me” + “he has something I want to have”. This is the ultimate formula for success stories that work, just like the one in the example.

Chance to win a prize

Another successful creative was this one:


Why is that efficient?

The efficiency of a bonus wheel like that is easy to explain:

  • Clarity: for such creatives, preciseness is everything. For people to interact with the bonus wheel, you should explain what exactly they can expect, namely - sums, percentage of bonuses/discounts, etc. Instead of abstract “big prize” or “exclusive bonus”, one should state what is offered as sharply as possible.
  • Nothing to lose: a 100% appealing offer is one that doesn’t require any effort, plus - no risks. This is a great way to make a positive impression from the start, engage users, and welcome them to your main offer page. A wheel hints that winning is not just possible, doesn’t require anything special from a user, so he could just give it a try. No reason to refuse.  

A small trick: an additional element you may try adding to your bonus wheel is a list of payment methods (Skrill, Visa, Mastercard, whatever else you can provide) to increase reliability and show how your users can receive their hypothetical prizes. 

Three-in-a-row game

Another type of iGaming creative we noted was a classic three-in-a-row (or four, or five, whatever you want) game:


Why is that efficient?

Let’s analyze this one, as well. So, again:

  • Win-win combination: here, we see the combination of a success story as social proof and clarity in sums that are possible to win. Together, these elements make a well-converting creative that evokes both - reliability and associations with oneself (automatically hinting that getting a prize is possible). 
  • Free attempts: There’s no need to say that the word “free” is magic, so whenever you can use it relevantly - do so. 

A small trick: also, we saw how publishers enrich this and other types of iGaming creatives with one more additional element (just make sure not to overload your creatives with active elements, if you don’t want your user to get lost and never convert): countdown clock. 


Urgency and limits work as motivators to act immediately, but again - if you decide to use it, make sure to give a reasonable amount of time left. Say, a couple of days or hours until the offer stops won’t make your visitors panic, but at the same time - add value and exclusivity.  

Quick summing up

Your short takeaways:

  • Include success stories and comments from users as social proof;
  • Do you have freebies? Offer them at once!
  • Make sure to keep it maximally precise: bonus amount, sums possible to win, discount percentage, and more. Let it be numbers, not abstractions; 
  • Countdown timers can add exclusivity and value to your offer (don’t overdo with urgency, though);
  • Visual elements that work: fortune wheels, three-in-a-row games, photos of previous winners.

And for the best results, rely on ProPush.me, because it helps to:

  •  Cover some of your testing expeses. As you can see from our partner’s example, $130 daily profit ($4 000 per month) of passive ProPush.me income is a way to your riskless testing. 
  • ProPush.me doesn’t interrupt the flow of your offer and therefore, you won’t lose conversions.
  • With the help of BackButton, you can monetize up to 100% of your users.

Good luck with your iGaming campaigns, and may your creatives be the most appealing on the entire Internet! 

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