PropPush.Me is a platform for monetizing traffic with push subscriptions
for affiliates and webmasters

How to earn with

Monetize website or landing page with push subscriptions
We subscribe users from your website or landing page and pay you for each subscriber (CPS rates) or for push notifications sent to your subscribed user database (RervShare). Easy flow and high payouts.
TrafficBack is a solution to monetize your exit traffic. It works for those users who didn't want to subscribe or who closed subscription window.
Content Locker
Content Locker is a special tool that limit a user's access to specific parts of the webpage or entire page until a user subscribes to push-notifications.

Earn with
Push Subscriptions

How does it work?
Step 1:
Add a Smart Tag
Register, create a Smart Tag, and add it to your landing page or website.

Step 2:
Users subscribe to push notifications
Smart Tag will ask your users for permission to send them push notifications.

Step 3:
Earn money from push subscriptions
Your profit increases with each user subscribing to push notifications

What to monetize?

• Paid traffic

• Pop traffic

• Social traffic

• Remnant traffic
• Websites

• Certain pages

How do we pay?

Revenue Share
We pay for push notifications delivered to your subscribers database. Your income depends directly on the quality and geos of your traffic and it increases dynamically with the amount of subscribers that your traffic brings.
Cost per subscribers (CPS)
We pay for each unique user who has subscribed to push notifications on your websites or landing page. You're paid instantly after the subscription according to the CPS rates that we have.
of websites

CPS rates*

New Zealand
Mac OS
United States
United Kingdom
*Actual CPS rates for each GEO and each platform can be found in your dashboard on the Rates tab

Benefits of

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Smooth Push Monetization
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