ProPush and Push Traffic: Can It Bring Profit? [Case Study]

We keep telling our partners: Push Traffic is not the best one for extra monetization with push subscriptions. But what if your main offer is crying out for sending Push traffic and you can’t change it? Does it mean you can’t get additional profit from such a campaign?

Good news — you can! And this is exactly what our partner did within the Follow-Along contest we organized together with our friends PropellerAds and Afflift. Meet Pablo T, the Afflift Forum member — and his experience with and Push Traffic.

About the Campaign

Pablo was determined to focus on a single traffic source and a single vertical. As he said himself —

— No more jumping around and chasing shiny objects!’

His choice fell on a Sweepstakes offer with a $10 payout. It could be pretty challenging: nobody gives so high payouts for easy conversions! And here are the other campaign details:

  • Traffic Source: PropellerAds
  • Traffic Type: In-Page and Classic Push
  • Tracking Tool: Peerclick
  • Affiliate Network: Traffic Company
  • Type of Offer: Sweepstakes
  • Offer Payout: $10.08
  • Pricing Model: CPA Goal
  • Dates: 01/06/2022-16/06/2022

Pablo decided to give his campaign a three-day test, using one landing page, and see if he gets conversions. Another important detail: he set his campaign to run only from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and use only Classic Push ads.

If you are curious about how he set up his campaign in detail — welcome to the gallery!

And, after he set up everything in PropellerAds, Pablo added a ProPush Smart Tag to his landing page.

Campaign Flow

The very first day of testing showed a low CTR, so Pablo decided to add more creatives to see if they perform better. However, things didn’t change much: the second day did not bring any conversions, too, even though the CTR became a bit higher.

Here are Pablo’s stats for Day 2:


And, with 282 impressions from, there was still no extra profit:


Of course, Pablo started optimizing his campaign. What did he do?

  • With the help of the A/B testing calculator, he found the best-performing creatives and deleted the worst ones
  • He added two more landing pages to see which of the three will do the best job

While the main offer hadn’t brought any profit yet, ProPush stats showed a more positive result. A $6 profit is the profit, too! 


Later, Pablo’s main offer finally brought the first conversion. So, there was a -58% ROI and a single conversion — not the best result you can hope for.

The campaign was crying out for optimization!

Pablo decided to make changes in the User Activity targeting and add In-Page Push traffic besides Classic Push.

Here are his first results after his optimization efforts:


To make things clearer, see what each row in the stats above means:

  • 1st row- In-Page Push low activity
  • 2nd row- In-Page Push medium activity
  • 3rd row- In-Page Push high activity
  • 4th row- Classic Push low activity
  • 5th row - Classic Push medium activity
  • 6th row- Classic Push high activity

Meanwhile, ProPush profit got stuck at $6 — nothing has changed since June 3:


It seemed like using Push traffic with ProPush was really a bad idea… but let’s see what happened next.

Pablo kept optimizing his campaign: comparing landing pages and creatives and In-Push and Classic Push traffic types. Two landing pages finally showed a positive ROI!


And Propush got off the ground, too:


Long story short, campaign optimization did not help much: while some of the slices were performing okay, there was still negative profit.


But, surprisingly, ProPush generated some more earnings:


Final Results

Pablo’s main offer didn’t make a hit. Even after he added two Popunder traffic campaigns to test it, too, the results did not become much better:


In the end, Pablo admitted that PopUnder traffic was not doing better than Push Traffic for his main offer. The final results for two weeks showed only 15 conversions, collected mainly with In-Page Push traffic.


However, Pablo managed to earn $14 with ProPush — and he liked it! It’s not easy to get even such an amount with Push Traffic, so it was not bad at all. Provided he didn’t make any changes in his ProPush settings, it’s a good result! 


Most likely, things would be much better if Pablo had chosen the other traffic type from the very beginning. Still, you can see that ProPush can do its job even when you send this controversial Push traffic.

So, don’t just refuse extra monetization if your offer needs the ‘wrong’ traffic type. It can work as well — probably, not that efficiently, but still.

Join ProPush today and boost your earnings, too!

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