A 16,47% Traffic Cashback From ProPush as a Painkiller for Affiliate Marketer [Case Study]

‘Affiliate media buyers have most of their campaigns failed. To find the ‘winner’ that will make your yearly profit, you will have to keep testing, gathering data — and losing money. It might be super demotivating to run a bunch of campaigns where you only spend budget — some even start thinking that affiliate marketing doesn’t work!’

This is how Nick, one of our Afflift Follow-Along contest participants started his story. And he was pretty right —  one of the main affiliate marketer’s pains is tons of money lost on tests. Is there something that can relieve this pain? 

Yes, the answer is additional monetization. Let’s look at how you can compensate for your testing expenses — on the example of Nick’s campaigns.

We thank Nick for sharing his case study — and if you want to thank him, too, join ProPush.me using Nick’s referral link.

Nick’s Affiliate Campaigns Overview

Nick wanted to be honest about his latest efforts this year: he ran multiple campaigns without much success. His favorite vertical is Sweepstakes, so he was mainly focused on it. Besides, his recent campaigns also included iGaming products.

Nick even has his course on how to profit from Sweepstakes — you will find it (and tons of other useful posts) on his website.

Here are the stats of some campaigns Nick has been testing lately (mainly Tier 1 GEOs):


Yes, the test stage can really hurt your feelings and budget. Nick was playing with creatives, landing pages, angles  — and it all swallowed up money. 

— Over a couple of months, I managed to dig a $1,950.10 loss on this group of tests, losing just over half of what I spent. That feels pretty bad.

ProPush Comes to the Rescue

Such large spending doesn’t have to be so painful, though. Extra monetization alongside running your main offer can cover a significant amount of expenses — and sometimes, even most of them.

Nick proves it by showing his stats from ProPush.me. He uses ProPush Smart Tag with all his campaigns:

  • He adds a Smart Tag to the offer’s main page
  • Users see a push notifications opt-in request
  • Users accept or decline your opt-in request, but stay on the offer page anyway.

Here are the stats for the same group of campaigns we showed before, but with ProPush they look much more attractive:


— With that additional revenue, my ROI improves to -36.37%, making it much less painful. That counts as a “successful test” in almost any affiliate’s books. 

Before ProPush, Nick tried a similar extra monetization solution from another company. However, as he said, it didn’t bring anything even close to the income he gets from ProPush. 

Nick’s Payment Options

As you might know, ProPush offers two ways how you get your income:

  • Cost Per Subscriber. A user subscribes, and you instantly get money according to the current rate. This option becomes available after you have sent traffic for some time: our managers need to make sure you provide us with high-quality users. 
  • RevShare. A user subscribes from your landing page, and starts interacting with push notifications of our advertising partners. You get a share of the profit generated with your user base (all the subscribers you have attracted).

According to Nick’s experience, his users stay subscribed for approximately 2–3 weeks. Remember, though, that he uses Push traffic — it means that his audience has many other push subscriptions so far. With other traffic types, a user’s lifecycle might be longer.

So what did he choose: CPS or RevShare? The answer is RevShare, and Nick vividly showed us why. 

He collected 1114 subscribers from a single GEO, and the highest CPS rate for this GEO was $0,14. Now look at the table:

SubscribersPotential earnings with the CPS modelEarnings with RevShare

If Nick chose the CPS model, he would earn only 25% of what he got with RevShare. Yes, RevShare takes more time to start bringing profit — but it’s probably worth it, nah?

To Sum Up

Nick’s experience proves that extra monetization is not only a pleasant bonus — but also great support for your budget when you are testing expensive campaigns.

— I was mind-blown. I will even avoid running campaigns where I can’t have ProPush implemented in some way.

We think such a review makes it hard to resist trying ProPush. Agree?

Join ProPush today, and save your affiliate marketing budgets!

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