CPS or Revshare: What to Choose?

Which topic is the hottest for affiliates? Payments, of course! And we believe that you are definitely wondering how the money questions are settled at ProPush. 

That is why, we decided to prepare a guide about two models we have at ProPush - CPS and RevShare - and help you cover all the gaps in your understanding.  

What is the difference? How do they work and which one to choose? What are the pros and cons of each? For dessert, we have some stats to see how CPS and RevShare work in practice. 

What is CPS?

CPS (Cost per Subscriber) is a very simple payment model. The principle is as follows:

Users subscribe to push notifications > you get money for each new user

In this model, you get money for each subscribed person once after they accept the opt-in request. So, one unique subscriber on your website or landing - one payment. 

To check the prices for each GEO, just go to your dashboard and open the Rates tab on the left. 


Please note that this model is not available for newcomers - you can only use it after rolling your offer for a while. 

At ProPush.me, you can apply for CPS if you gather 5000+ subscriptions daily during at least 3-5 days. After you achieve this, we evaluate your traffic quality and open access to a CPS model if your traffic meets our quality standards. 

Why so?

You need an advanced set up guided by a personal manager to get maximum profit. However, with small traffic volumes it is almost impossible to get precise statistics - the data amount is just not enough. That is why CPS is an advanced option at ProPush.


  • You get paid fast - no need to wait; 
  • You can quickly recapture the purchased traffic and know how much money you get for subscribers. This way, you can effectively evaluate and plan your budget.


  • Not available for fresh users;
  • We pay for one-time subscription only, further user activity is not paid;
  • We pay for unique subscriptions only. 

What is RevShare?

RevShare (Revenue Share) is efficient in the long run:

Users subscribe > users interact with your offer or just stay subscribed > you get paid during all of their subscription time

In RevShare, your income depends on the quality of your leads, and you continue getting money until they unsubscribe. RevShare rewards patient affiliates - you get income regularly and constantly. 

At ProPush.me, we pay for every 1000 push notifications delivered to subscribers you brought. We expect that your subscribers will stay, and this will bring you money. Yes, all you need is to grow your base, engage people, and keep them subscribed. 


  • Stable passive income on a regular basis from every subscriber you get; 
  • People rarely unsubscribe, so you may get your money for a pretty long period;
  • Even non-unique subscribers (those already in our base) are paid and continue bringing money; 
  • Your profit increases with the growing subscriber base and mostly depends on you.


  • You should wait for a while before seeing the first results; 
  • It’s hard to estimate your returns, and you need to invent profit evaluation schemes yourself; 
  • Customer LTV (lifetime value) is also hard to estimate - each brings you a different amount of money. 

Can you change/combine CPS and RevShare?

So, you might be thinking how much freedom you have with the pricing models we offer. We answer - you have absolute freedom! You can work with CPS only, RevShare only, or combine both - everything depends on your expectations and income goals. 

For example, if you are ready to wait for a while until you start getting income (sometimes, it takes a couple of months), you can rely on RevShare. However, if you want money here and now - CPS is a better choice.  

Combining these models is also an option. Say, you can get immediate money on CPS, which might work as a safety pillow and an additional source of further investments in RevShare. You can invent any income strategy and we don’t restrict your experiments.   

CPS and RevShare practically: cases of use

To make things maximally clear, we have prepared some statistics for a dessert. See how the stats look with RevShare:


And with CPS:


As you can see, both models are equally efficient and profitable, so choosing between RevShare and CPS is an easy thing - mistakes are impossible. Technically, you never lose anything, no matter which one you choose. What is more - you can work with both. Rely on your needs, expectations, and budget flexibility! 

Never stop and always strive for more - join ProPush!

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