Social Traffic + Push Subscriptions: Does It Work?

Can you use ProPush to monetize social media traffic? Does it really work? And how? Well, today, we are going to discuss this hot question and see if you can enrich your social media ad campaigns with ProPush. 

Oh, yes you can! 

What’s happening with social media?

So, let’s uncover some background. Social traffic refers to traffic that comes to your website or landing page from social media platforms. Say, users who click a Facebook or Instagram post and get to your website/landing are perceived as social media traffic. 

And this is a massive flow. The global digital population grows, so does the amount of social media users. People actively use Facebook, Instagram, and Tik-Tok to socialize, date, read news, have fun, do business, and simply talk to each other online. 

Here is how the growth of social media looks on the graph based on the Statista research


As such, social media looks like a fruitful environment to get more leads! If you are using this traffic source already, then you must be wondering if ProPush can help you get more income. Yes, we can! 

How does it work? 

As we know from our advertisers’ experience - you totally should try combining social networks and push notifications. A lot of our partners claim that social media traffic is profitable and WhatsUp or Facebook users eagerly click ad links when they see relevant offers. 

Social traffic has some peculiarities, one of which is a necessity to set things smartly before you start and make sure to plan your flow correctly. There are numerous ways to do that and we have no one-size-fits-all recipe for you, but we can reveal some important points to keep in mind: 

  • You cannot send an opt-in request for push notifications via Facebook browser or WhatsUp;
  • You need to transfer your users from Facebook browser or other social platform to Chrome browser;
  • You need a pre-lander as a pad between Facebook and your landing/website.

Basically, after your user gets to the offer page, everything happens as usual - just the same as with any other traffic type. Visitors receive an opt-in request, decide whether they want to get notifications, and continue interacting with your offer with no obstacles. And you, as always, get extra-money from ProPush.   

Any examples?

One of our partners works this way:

  • He sends pop traffic to his pre-lander in Facebook browser;
  • Traffic from pre-lander is redirected to his offer in Google Chrome browser;
  • Users see a landing page with product presentation:

Our partner has a Smart Tag installed right on this landing page. When users open the page, they also see a small opt-in window on the top:


And you know what happens next, right? Users allow or block a request, but our partner receives extra-money in both scenarios! Because he uses ProPush, of course. 

So, if you work with social media traffic or have a desire to try - don’t forget to add ProPush Tag to your landing page or website to make your wallet thicker. Try now!

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