Top Verticals to Monetize with Push Subscriptions: Stats and Tips

We keep saying: ProPush is an easy and efficient extra monetization solution for your marketing campaigns. But are there some offer types that make a better match with ProPush Smart Tag than the others?

A little spoiler: ProPush is highly efficient for all verticals, and almost all ad formats, with some exceptions.

But, looking through our partners’ stats, we noticed that some verticals are much more popular than others — and they really bring breathtaking results, leaving behind all the rest.

So, we decided to prepare a small rating of the top verticals to monetize with push subscriptions — first, to give you an idea of what offers to pick, and second — to have an excuse to boast our partners’ stats.

Here we go!


Yeah, if you read our blog, you already know: we love posting Sweepstakes case studies because they are so juicy! 

It is one of the top popular verticals among our partners — and no wonder why. Let’s look at the latest stats from one of our most successful marketers with a Sweepstake offer:


How to do the same? Watch the ProPush Smart Tag Guide

Tip: Sweepstakes offers work best with Popunder and Push traffic from ad networks. However, we don’t recommend using Push traffic for extra monetization with push subscriptions. In short, users might get overdosed with push alerts and stop converting.

Utilities (VPNs, to be precise)

You could often come across this one in our blog, too: VPNs are another top profitable vertical for extra monetization with ProPush.

Here are the stats of our partner who loves running Utilities:


Tip: The best bundle for Utilities in affiliate marketing is currently Android + Popunder/Push. Still, again, be careful with Push traffic: it might give significantly worse results than, say, Popunder or social.


Our research shows that mobile games also bring awesome results, and many of our partners don’t want to miss it!

Here is one example:


Yes, the daily profits are not so shockingly high and so ultimately inspiring. But, a small detail made us look at this case study from another angle: this profit made 24% of the overall campaign earnings! 

So, if the budget had been bigger, the numbers could have been much more impressive, too.

Note: While you need to work hard on optimizing your affiliate marketing campaigns, ProPush usually works in the background, and rarely requires any extra actions and effort. 

Any Other Recommendations?

Although we have three unprecedented winners vertical-wise, it doesn’t mean you can’t profit from the other offers. 

The best about ProPush is that it works with almost all offers you can think of, so don’t hesitate to add the Tag if you run Dating, iGaming, eCommerce, and more. 

As a bonus, we give you a list of the best GEOs for push subscription monetization, rocking right now: catch’em up!


However, be careful with the traffic types.

What to avoid:

  • Adult Traffic - we don’t accept it
  • Push Traffic - it doesn’t usually bring the best results
  • WordPress and ready landing pages from spy tools - Smart Tag won’t work with them
  • Not trying ProPush at all — it may bring results for all verticals

Overall, the list of what we DON’T recommend is extremely short. And the options you have for extra monetization are almost endless.

Join ProPush now and squeeze all the possible profit from your offers!

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